A Brief Manual For Installing The SU1400NET Battery Cartridge Correctly

Published: 27th June 2011
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Looks like its time to replace the battery cartridge in your SU1400NET American Power Conversion backup system ay? Well you are in good fortune, this quick how to manual is committed to providing exact instructions on the preparation and overall installing of the SU1400NET battery. In this guidebook, I will be covering everything from the tools that you will need to the actual installation procedure.

Before we get started on the actual installing of the SU1400NET battery, there are a few tools that you will need to get your hands on in order to lessen the hassle of installing your SU1400NET battery pack. The first, and probably the most often used, will be a couple good screw drivers. You will need both a Phillips head and a flat head steel (some strong metaled) screw driver to removed various screws on the casing of the su1400net. You will also need to acquire a bit of tape - if at all possible packing tape. And I might be stating the apparent, but you will need to have also obtained your self a SU1400NET battery replacement.

To begin the procedure of taking out the spent battery, you will need to power your unit down and disconnect it from the wall. Some of APC's larger battery backup systems can remain on line while a technician replaces the battery pack, however I can not guarantee that your specific unit is hot-swappable and that you are a licensed electrical technician so I will error on the side of caution. In order to achieve access to the compartment of the SU1400NET battery cartridge, you must first take off the front face plate from the unit. This plate is held on by numerous pressure clips positioned all-around the plate, I suggest using the flat head screw driver to wedge between the top of the face plate and the frame of the unit. This will allow you to easily remove the plate.

Once the plate of the SU1400NET is off, you will see a steel door that is secured to the frame via two small Phillips head screws at the very top. Once these screws are removed, you will then be able to pull the latch open and reveal the SU1400NET battery. To remove the battery cartridge, simply pull on the plastic strip located near the bottom of the SU1400NET battery. This will pull the battery out of the unit and give you access to the Grey Anderson clips. The Grey Anderson clip that comes off the SU1400NET battery pack is hooked together with an matching Anderson clip from the unit to establish the connection between the battery pack and American Power Conversion unit. As soon as you un-hook these clips, you can then fully remove the battery pack. You have now effectively removed the exhausted SU1400NET battery, and its now time to install the new one.

Before you install the new SU1400NET battery cartridge into the unit, I recommend using the packing tape to create a handle placed on the bottom of the battery so as to make removing the battery a few years down the road a bit easier. To install the SU1400NET battery, simply connect the Grey Anderson clip from the battery pack to the unit and slide the battery as far back into the unit as it will go. After installing the SU1400NET battery and sliding it back into the battery compartment, its time to seal up the compartment by lifting the metal latch and re-inserting the two metal screws at the top. Once this has been completed, you may then re-attach the front face plate to the SU1400NET. You have just completed the installation of your own SU1400NET battery cartridge!

Can't seem to come across a suitable SU1400NET Battery replacement ? If your looking for maximum performance out of your SU1400NET unit, then you'll need to put a name brand high-quality battery in it.

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